Industry: Multi-Family Real Estate
Role: Director of Operations
  • What prompted the need to partner with the Kalmar Group?

The Oakley Group had a tight timeline to replace a departing Director who was leaving on a positive note. We had to quickly find a long-term leader who could hit the ground running in order for the business to not feel a lapse. Within a tight timeline, the Kalmar Group was able to share the company’s story and opportunity with a wide range of candidates, present a handful of qualified candidates to the decision-makers, and enable us to extend an offer to the best fit.

  • How was your experience with the Kalmar Group?

The Kalmar Group blitzed the process and communicated very well throughout the search with regular updates. Our team not having to wonder about progress allowed us to be free to remain focused on operating our business and not on a key search. The Kalmar Group’s attentiveness, process, and great listening allowed us to trust their process and not get distracted by a really important hire.

  • What were the benefits of using a recruitment partner?

We are a small team and everyone must row hard, together, and in the right direction. Adding to a team like that is as much about personality as it is competence. The Kalmar Group’s ability to read people – not just resumes – put us in touch with candidates who were likely to fit into our “family” environment and excel in their positions.


"As our strategic partner, Dylan has earned my total trust and commitment to the long-term through his relational approach and genuine investment in our partnership. He devotes time, resources, and passion to knowing and appreciating our vision, our business model, our values, and our talent profile, as if it were his own business, and consistently puts our needs before anything else."

Blake S.

"Dylan exemplifies what it means to be a true leader, is not afraid to get in the mud, and encourages teamwork that drives anyone on his team to be better, and learn from one another. If you are looking for a leader, who drives numbers, serves as an example, and generally cares about his team, Dylan is your guy."

Gidelle W.

"Dylan is a winner, plain and simple. He was instrumental in building our recruitment strategy and culture. He understands the complex dynamics of recruiting and how to build relationships internally and externally. I enjoyed my time working with him and would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with him again in the future."

Will Y.

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